Intellectual Property

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The Shanghai Law Firm’s Patent, Trademark and Copyright practice provides services and representation in the highly specialized and regulated areas of Intellectual Property law regarding:

• Patent and trademark acquisitions, both U.S. and foreign

• Patent and trademark prosecution, both U.S. and foreign

• Litigation of patent, trademark and copyright matters

• Patent, trademark and copyright licensing

• Patent Trial and Appeal Board proceedings

• Trademark Trial and Appeal Board proceedings

• Trade Secrets

• Unfair competition

• Alternative Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Our Shanghai lawyer's Intellectual Property Focus

We have organized the practice areas of our firm around providing a complete suite of intellectual property law services to meet the specific business needs of our clients.

The following practice areas, while useful short-hand for categorizing the varieties of legal counseling and advocacy we can perform for you, in truth and in reality often overlap. Rest assured that we will deliver the precisely tailored set of skills and expertise that matches your business and legal needs.

Intellectual Property Litigation

The intellectual property team litigates intellectual property disputes, including patent infringement, trademark infringement, trade secret misappropriation, copyright infringement, licensing disputes, claims and matters involving complex mechanical, software, and engineering technologies in courts throughout Shanghai and China. We provide honest advice and work with every client to develop a unique strategy for each case that best fits its individual business plans and goals. 

Intellectual property Filing

With degrees in science and engineering, experience as patent examiners, expert witnesses and more than 10 combined years working in this area of the law; our attorneys have the ability to discuss the intricacies of inventions with engineers and scientists, and relate that information to the layperson sitting in a jury.

The Shanghai Law Firm Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Intellectual Property Law attorneys have experience in patent acquisition, prosecution and litigation in Shanghai.

The Shanghai Law Firm attorneys take client services seriously, working to advance each individual client’s business goals in the most efficient, cost efficient, manner possible. Our areas of practice include a broad range of technologies to include:

• Mechanical

• Computer Software

• Chemical

• Pharmaceutical

• Biotechnology

• Medical Devices

Consult our English speaking intellectual property lawyers for free preliminary consultation. We strive to provide the best service you can find in Shanghai area.

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