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The lawyers in Shanghai Law Firm use Alternative Dispute Resolution Processes (ADR), to help clients resolve their disputes without resorting to litigation. Commercial disputes are increasingly being resolved by consensual arbitration as an alternative to litigation. Counsel in the firm have considerable experience in the conduct of arbitration and are frequently called upon to act on arbitration matters. The arbitration we handled usually happened at CIETAC, in Shanghai and other cities.

This Shanghai law firm's arbitration experience

Settling a legal dispute through ADR avoids the expense, publicity, delay and uncertainty of a decision by a judge or a jury. These processes can also preserve business and family relationships.

Our Mediators & Arbitrators use a variety of ADR techniques to help the people resolve matters in a neutral, efficient and controlled manner. In mediation, the mediator, acting as a neutral, helps people who disagree try to reach a mutually acceptable resolution. The mediator does not decide the case but facilitates the discussions. In arbitration, the arbitrator renders a binding decision. Arbitration is a private and less costly alternative to the public and more formal nature of court proceedings. For some clients and circumstances, Med/Arb is also an option. In Med/Arb, the parties first work towards a mutually acceptable outcome. If they are not able to agree, then the neutral issues a final binding decision.

The Shanghai Law Firm's arbitration focus

Our Mediation & Arbitration lawyers provides responsive, skilled, and compassionate services to our clients. Our well-rounded team, all of whom are attorneys, comprises seasoned professionals with diverse backgrounds and experience. We are committed to expeditious and amicable resolutions through an alternative dispute resolution process (mediation, arbitration, or Med/Arb). We can help resolve specific issues or an entire dispute.

Our experience in ADR methods can help you avoid costly and time-consuming lawsuits. We have the skills and training necessary to achieve effective results.

Arbitration requirement under Chinese law

Under Chinese law, Arbitration – Binding and non-binding arbitration involves the use of individuals who sit in judgment of the case and render a specific opinion, essentially replacing a judge. This method is often used to resolve a dispute quickly if time is a factor. We have to review your arbitration clause first before advise whether you are entitled to arbitration method to resolve dispute. There are occasions, however, where judicial challenges are imposed to address issues relating to the scope and enforceability of the dispute resolution process. In addition, there are other cases where collateral or appellate litigation inevitably occurs, whether justified or not. We are also well equipped to handle these related judicial proceedings.

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