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If you have ANY questions regarding to Shanghai legal service, Shanghai law or Shanghai business, whatever, send an email to us, and you will receive a reply in one business day. Professional, promptness, commitment and efficiency are our standards of service.

Our Shanghai lawyer has adopted presenting the rapidest and most satisfactory solutions in accordance with the self-esteem and self-respect of the profession by focusing on the needs of its clients as a principle.

Within this scope, our working policy, which aims to have the profession of attorneyship own the public service quality and secret keeping liability and solve every kind of legal issues and conflicts in accordance with justice and equity, has been determined in direction of the general principles of Attorneyship Law.

Necessary legal procedure is operated according to the situation of the concrete event as a result of negotiations and meetings held with real and legal persons who are clients and possible clients in our Law Office together with our counselor attorneys. At this phase, conciliation is preferred if there is a possibility of settling conflicts through peace and action is immediately followed for cases at the stage of suit in order not to suffer from losing rights.

Evaluation of the incoming files is entrusted to the related attorney according to expertise field after holding in-office meetings. The rapidest solution is followed by our related attorneys through contacting also with the clients, when necessary. Our attorneys carry out file procedures through informing the clients during whole process from the start of the work.

Our Shanghai attorney determines the attorneyship fee by taking into consideration the characteristic of the work, advisory price list of Antalya Bar and general principles of the profession of attorneyship. Within this scope, it can present the opportunity to pay the counseling fee monthly or annually through executing an attorneyship fee contract in relations especially with the legal persons. Counseling or legal service fee to be calculated per hour according to the subject of legal assistance can also be determined.

A certain part of the counsel fee to be determined according to the subject of the suit is demanded at the beginning of the work and the remaining fee is taken according to the progress and result of the suit on condition that an agreement is reached before for independent suits which are not in form of continuous counseling.

Work starts according to the agreement to be made on the rate to be determined according to the original claim with the client and on condition that expenses are met by the client regarding files of which subject requires execution proceedings. If files are completed and a positive result is gained, the counsel fee is determined according to a certain percentage which is agreed before.

In settlements at international level, time loss and extra expenses can be avoided through creating on-time and first-hand intervention opportunity for problems with the participation of our partner offices abroad.

Furthermore, we aim to provide services of highest quality for our clients thanks to our cooperation with expert financial counselors, academicians and translation offices that are experts in their fields in necessary situations.

We dedicate ourselves to finding innovative, practical solutions to our clients’ legal problems.
We understand that clients wish to minimize their involvement with the legal system. Because of this, we work in partnership with our clients to avoid legal obstacles, and to handle legal problems in an efficient, professional manner when they do occur.
We believe in building relationships with clients based on sincerity, trust, openness, and a dedication to maintaining the highest levels of client service and confidence. The character of these relationships is what makes us unlike other law firms.

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