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When foreign companies and foreign national do business with China suppliers, setting up company in China, run business in Shanghai, living in Shanghai, marry Shanghai citizens, you nevertheless has relationship with Shanghai. Once you are involved in any legal dispute or lawsuit, you need our Shanghai lawyer to provide legal advice and legal service. We represent both foreign companies and foreign nationals or expats.

Our clients are mostly foreign companies and foreign nationals, with interests in contracts, family law, international trade, energy, antitrust, employment, environmental regulation, financial institutions, securities law and regulation, real estate transactions and financing, intellectual property, trademark protection, and copyright law. From the public sector, representative clients include state and local governments, foreign and domestic trade associations, foreign governments and quasi-governmental agencies, prominent national and international leaders of government and industry, and domestic and foreign multi-national corporations of every size, publicly held and private. We have handled transactions, given advice, and resolved legal disputes in more than 70 countries.

Our broad-based approach recognizes the technical intricacies of industries represented before government or regulatory agencies, both national and international, as well as the critical legal and political questions being addressed. Because the firm comprises breadth and depth in equal measure, complex cases requiring multi-dimensional solutions are approached from many angles but managed economically.

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