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Contract law plays an integral role in the structure and implementation of a variety of business transactions. The initial steps in launching a contract of any nature must be advantageous for the client today and ensure that it will protect their rights and interests in the future as well.

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The attorneys at Shanghai Law Firm have successfully represented clients to resolve contract disputes involving a wide array of contracts. Generally, a breach of contract occurs when one or more parties fail to perform any term of a contract without a valid legal excuse. Under Florida law, to prevail in an action for breach of contract, a party must establish (1) the existence of a valid contract; (2) a material breach of the contract by the other party; and (3) damages suffered as the result of the breach of contract. To create a valid contract there must be an offer, acceptance, and consideration.

Whether a lawsuit alleging a breach of contract has been brought against you or whether you are seeking legal advice pertaining to formation and entering into a contract, it is important to retain a law firm that is experienced in contract law and resolving contract disputes. The attorneys at Shanghai Law Firm understand the importance of the contracts that our clients enter into as those contracts determine important rights and obligations. 

Accordingly, the attorneys at Shanghai Law Firm are committed to providing quality legal services and advice pertaining to entering into and drafting and translating contracts to ensure that the rights and interests of our clients are protected. When defending against claims alleging breach of contract, the attorneys at Shanghai Law Firm will fully investigate whether there was a valid contract, a material breach of the contract, and damages suffered as result of the alleged breach of contract. Additionally, the attorneys at Shanghai Law Firm will advise you as to all factual and procedural defenses available to you. Furthermore, the attorneys at Shanghai Law Firm will work closely with you to determine whether you may have valid counterclaims whereby you may be entitled to recover damages for the plaintiff’s breach of the contract at issue in the lawsuit. Resolving and/or litigating lawsuits which involve breach of contract claims requires clear communication between you and the law firm hired to represent and defend your interests. At Shanghai Law Firm, the interests of our clients is our highest priority, and everything we do is designed to provide cost-effective legal services to those who entrust us to do so. Shanghai Law Firm has built the experience and the results that our clients expect.

The inventory of our breach of contract pleadings, briefs, discovery questions and jury instructions benefits our clients in two ways. Cases can sometimes turn on subtle matters such as how a complaint is drafted or how questions are framed in discovery. We have already experienced these issues and therefore avoid mistakes. We work efficiently and save money for our clients because we get a head start in preparing all of these documents.

Breach of contract cases in Shanghai

Below are different aspects of breach of contract cases we handled representing international clients in Shanghai.

  • Breach of implied contract
  • Can you enforce a verbal contract
  • What happens if you encounter a breach of contract lawsuit
  • Implied duties in contracts
  • Questions for your breach of contract lawyer
  • What constitutes a breach of contract
  • What to do if you have been sued for breach of contract
  • What to include in a breach of contract complaint
  • How to win a breach of contract case

If you wish to speak with an attorney at Shanghai Law Firm regarding a lawsuit involving an alleged breach of contract or if you are seeking advice as to formation or entering into a contract, please contact this Shanghai Law Firm.

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Speed - Translation time is key in many business situations. One Hour Translation is considered the fastest professional translation service in the world. Translation time is made of Lead time, The actual translation time, Translator's focus (one project at a time or many), and the Number of translators working in parallel.

High Quality - Translation quality, is the most important thing to us! We guarantee top quality translation using different means: Translators screening - all translators are professionals that translate for a living and only translate to their native language. Translators are tested and manually screened before joining our translators' community.

Price - If you need a formal quote please contact our Shanghai lawyer. We charge a fixed price per source word for general professional translation to any one of the languages we support, and for expert translation, e.g. legal, medical to any language.

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