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Are you facing a complicated custody or visitation issue? Are you fighting with your ex regarding your child's custody? Are you worried about your child's safety, your parental rights, and your ability to see your child? Protect your rights and your children's best interests with help from a knowledgeable Springfield divorce attorney at this Shanghai Law Firm.

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There is nothing more important than a child's safety and well-being. At this Shanghai Law Firm, our clients are our top priority. We're here to provide the counsel and support you need to reach your goals. We partner with our clients, providing passionate representation for tough family law cases, including those that involve a child's legal and physical custody.

What Does a Judge Consider in a Shanghai Custody Case?

There are local laws in place that dictate how a judge looks at and decides a custody case.

Some factors to consider when deciding which party shall get the child custody. they include:

  • Each parent's wishes
  • The child's preferences, if he / she is old enough
  • Existing parent / child relationships and bonds
  • The child's best interests

Therefore, in building a case, you need to think about all of these factors. The right child custody lawyer will help you. Don't underestimate the importance of having the right legal team on your side! At this Shanghai Law Firm, we put our clients first and offer personable, dedicated service centered on their needs and the factors that influence their cases. Every family law case is unique. We're here to support you with the answers and assistance necessary to achieve results.

Obtain more information about child custody in Shanghai, as well as about how our law firm can assist you, when you call our Shanghai family lawyer to arrange a free consultation today.

Consult our English speaking Shanghai child custody lawyers for free preliminary consultation. Shanghai child custody lawyer reminds you that the law discussed above may change over time and may not apply to current situation when you read this blog.

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Assets division in Shanghai Divorce

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In a Shanghai divorce, property division begins at 50/50. Division of debts begins at 50/50. But property division is also called equitable division in Florida. The key is the word "equitable." This means the court is allowed to decide these issues in a way that brings fairness to the outcome. Sometimes this means the split will not be 50/50. A good example is in alimony situations. If one spouse does not have income earning capability, the court may compensate by awarding a larger proportion of assets.

Common Property Distribution questions and answers

Everything is in one persons name. Does that mean it is not marital property? Probably not. Titles, deeds, or possession does not necessarily determine whether property is marital or non-marital. The Court can change ownership details with one stroke of the pen. What really matters is fairness and common sense.

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Our Shanghai lawyer share insights on the family and divorce matter. At this Shanghai law firm, we regularly update this blog and please come back if you are interested in our legal service or for your information.

What, exactly, does it mean to litigate a divorce case?

A litigated divorce means that for various reasons the case must be managed by a Judge. It is a divorce where the parties are unable to bring resolution to their issues short of this step.

The parties will engage in formal discovery which includes: The issuance of subpoenas

  • The use of interrogatories
  • The use of court appointed experts
  • The attendance of the parties and other third party witnesses at depositions
  • The formal exchange of documents
  • In many cases at least one or more court hearings
  • Even when a divorce is litigated there may remain options. It is also true that the case may need to go to trial to be resolved.

When do you decide that the case has to be litigated?

Sometimes it is clear from the beginning of a case that it will require judicial intervention; i.e., that a judge will have to make decision because the parties and their attorneys are unable to reach resolution of the issues.

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How To Find A Divorce Lawyer In Shanghai

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This Shanghai lawyer blog shares insights on the legal fee matter. At this Shanghai law firm, we regularly update this blog and please come back if you are interested in our legal service or for your information.

Find a good Shanghai divorce lawyer is first thing you need to do when you decide to divorce your spouse in Shanghai. Knowing how to find a good divorce lawyer – what qualities to look for – is the first of several steps to hiring a divorce lawyer. As you are probably well aware, finding a good divorce lawyer is essential to ensure you get the settlement you want, not a settlement that ruins your life.

Find A Lawyer Specializing in Divorce

d a lawyer who specializes in divorce, ideally within a law firm specializing in family law and divorce. A lawyer who specializes in divorce (and has done so for some time) will have a greater depth of experience and expertise than a lawyer who does not. This may seem obvious but there is a hidden danger. Unlike the medical profession, there are no rules and regulations governing when a lawyer may or may not call themselves as a “specialist.” They are not required in any way to substantiate that they are a specialist.

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